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>> okaypasses. >> i'm city deputy attorney the committee and make any decisions during the brief closed session and, in fact, the member of the room didn't leave the room a member of the public wanted to make public comment and didn't understand that the public comment was closes so they want to reopen public comment before going back into closed session. >> did he need to officially reopen closed session or resend the vote. we're going to a reopen the public comment on items 9 through 11 any public comment you have two minutes >> good afternoon committee members i'm john and i'm with the organization of african union the commission president. my topic is about boyd temples ministry arrival departure reports. chapter 18 from la invites and the lord said to moses i'm the lord your god. after the egypt incident you shall not do and neither shall you walk in their ordinances you shall do my scombrments and the lord your god you shall expel my statutes and judgments if a man did he shall live in them. none of you shall approach any of your kin to discover the nakedness of our father or mother she
, the only material written communications we have a contract with the city to engage us and at the conclusion of the audit, management presents a representation letter that says we provided you the books and records and told you about any contracts significant to the financial statements and made this available to us and have told us about any non-compliance with laws, rules and regulations, et cetera. with that, that is my report. as we said, we conducted a successful, clean audit. and any questions that you may have on our process, findings, et cetera? >> thank you very much, miss rose, appreciate it. this is not an action item, this is informational, is that right? >> yes. >> thank you very much. >> great work. >> item 16, discussion and vote as to whether to conduct a closed session. >> motion. >> second. >> all those in favor, signify by saying aye? >> aye. >> director lee has to leave with director heinicke and lee opposed, the board also discussed labor negotiation, but took no action and no discussion of anticipated litigation. directors it would be app
, safety service that the puc has been managing on behalf of city >> are street lights in the city 10 year capital plan? >> the street light are in the puc capital plan and in that way yes. >> okay. it seems like we as the city admiringly over the loose 6 years has become more methodical and organized around our capital needs. we've seen improvements around the parks and a whole variety of areas. it strikes three and 4 that street lights excuse me. are such a critical part of our cities daily life. >> uh-huh. >> and that it's and they need to be priority tied in a more significant way. and so i apologize for my allergies. i hope we can move in that direction. i'm not being critical of the puc in terms of the choices i know you have to deal with a lot of capital needs but we haven't priority tied lighting needs >> thank you very much. we'll now hear from pg&e from mark and another gentleman >> good afternoon. i'm terry with pg&e i'm joined by terry should has some information on our prevail data. i'll take boarder discussion. starting off in san francisco we recognize pg&e how impo
roads and sidewalks and plays an important role from our cities quality of life. role in public safety of our neighborhoods because of well lighted street is safer than a dark street. and also allows for more vibrate night life for people out on the street whether it's with their neighbors or in a commercial area. our street lights in san francisco have been challenging. to put it mildlyly. we have too many street lights that are are burnt-out or otherwise see 0 unlikely the infrastructure is old and it at times is taking two along to fix the street lights that burn out in addition, we our street lights in san francisco are very car and street focused and not pedestrian focused so we see frequently street lights that are very tall and designed to 0 light the roadway for cars but don't light the sidewalks for pedestrian given how their positions and given they can he'll be blocked excuse me. by trees and so forth. and it's really a system i think was designed and put in place during a period of time our country was focused on cars and forget the fact that we have many pedestrians and
pat muligan from city build in particular, for all their hard work in the workforce component on that as well. we are confident that san francisco's program can now move forward and be successful. we've seen countless programs up and down the state of california and nationwide operates successfully now for years with no threat of it being shut down, we want to protect property owners and give them the comfort they need to part pate. our governor jerry brown passed in his budget reserve funds that will address sfha concerns and make sure that they are not impacted by pace impacts mere in san francisco, we will be participate ining the state reserve fund so that our property owners are fully perked. green finance sf is the environmental solution we've been searching for in san francisco that will build out local energy sources and will create local jobs, it will reduce the adverse effects of climate change, make it easier for property owners in our neighborhoods make energy efficient upgrades to their homes. we have more work to do and colleagues, i hope you'll join me and many
of the parking regulation that is we have in the city have been in place for a long time and had not been i think systematically evaluated when i was at dpw, i felt the same with the street sweeping frequency, as supervisor kim's request, that's something we're looking at with respect to the tenderloin and with respect to the parking controls as i mentioned, we systematically or routinely respond to requests to re-evaluate yellow zone hours or whether something should be a yellow zone, it's a continuous process that we're doing but we're particularly looking at the tenderloin start times right. >> so, that process you're talking about, you'll evaluate your policy, your staff will go through some kind of internal analysis but make recommendations to the mta commission and then the commission will adopt it? >> that's correct, for things that require mta board approval. i believe change in meter hours would -- so, that would be something that we would review, we'll discuss that with the supervisor in the community and should we have an agreeable situation, that's something we would recommend to the
to 10 minutes to present their case, city departments will have up to 20 minutes to present their analysis, members of the public supporting the application shall have two minutes and the appellants should have 3 minutes of rebuttal, unless there are any initial comments why don't we hear from the appellants. so, the parties to this appeal, if you are here, please step up and, sir, you have up to 10 minutes. if you could please identify which apartment you're appealing. >> apartment number 5, 124-5th avenue, apartment number 5, and i didn't come up with a nexus report because it would probably have cost me more money. my whole thing is the hardship. i've been living up in [inaudible] for the last three years, i've been going to school and i have not had a job for the last three years since i've been in school. since i've been out of school, i have not found a job yet. in order to pay for this, i pretty much had to liquidate by 401k plan, i couldn't borrow any money from a bank because i haven't had a job for the last three years so i had to liquidate by 401 plan, i don't kno
of how we came to this moment in the history of our city. it was back in 2005 that i statewide collaborative called the round table of parks and tourism came and collaborated in the bill of rights. in the past 8 years there's been more than 25 other states and a cities to create they were version. also what happens happened in the is last 8 years we hit a big landmark in our history back in 2007 when most human beings live in cities that do you want. it was last month that the city of ontario created their own charter and we've come up with a outdoor brtd that's most relevant. what can kids growing up in this place we call san francisco experience. so the forum that san francisco i didn't mentioned came together 2 years ago it represent a collaborative of pediatricians and form and inare formal educators and other parks people. we are addressing several questions. what can be done to protect a child rooted in nature and how do we make visual a child's right to see nature and what policies are connecting families with nature. so this initiative is now before you. i want to speak
crucial to the success of this program. she encompass around city hall waving her $4 bill and letting everyone or everyone know the benefits. over the past years her effort has helped us install over 1 point and 64 solar pages it's $3.3 million in energy savings that 26 thousands of hours of job training and over 10 thousand emissions prevented in the environment. we provided the largest solar providing 13 homeowners where over 3 kilowatts in one day. i'd receive called if homeowners saying they've got a 24 hour notice their bill is do you in one day they're making decisions to pay the bills or eat. this is helping the east side they no longer have to worry about co-op their their lights on. a grandmother received the solar panel and she went to school and kathy her class on this magical system that went on her grandmothers roof. it sits outside and the convert tells him how much their saving. her solar system sleeps in the evening she said and wamdz in the morning. solar panels are roll out of reach for 26 thousand i don't have that money. necessary e my parents were the receipts and
of an affordable housing crisis and a sfleeksz this city. we want to make sure we're doing everything we can. we're looking forward to making sure we can keep resident in this city. we're dramatically changing the population of this city it's almost happening overnight. i have so many people i know movie out of sfr san francisco and many people facing eviction it's in the core central part of the city but it's happening all across san francisco. i have two measure here today. that we hope will prospectively be able to preserve affordable housing and place disincentives open the places in san francisco. we have our planning the president here to describe it. i have two co- sponsor i want to thank. sxhooemz and commissioner antoine and jeremy paul r powell in my office has done a great deal as well as the planning adapt has worked a year open developing the legislation as well. and spent several times in the planning commission to be heard. also in the audience is tom who is part of the ideas behind those two pieces of legislation coming forward today. the first one is an ordinance that demolition
, or is that in many ways consequential? then if you look at delhi, it is an amazing and -- it is a very odd city in terms of its development. it is engaged in what you might call high modernism, with a city that is growing into the sea and sky with artificial islands and also high-rises. but it is also a city where you have relatively little urban tradition. and the urban tradition that is that they are a state directed and it is an urban tradition where the government deliberately tries to create a sort of parity. so the questions that i have for myself or to what extent does all of this mean, and how blasting as this? is it something that is fleeting and we have countries that have long shape the region. the more i studied this, the more i realized a couple of things. i realized that qatar is a success story. it is not unqualified success, but in many ways it is a success story, and that's where it needs to be told. i also realized that there is a series of developments and factors that have converged at the same time to resolve in what might be called qatar's moment in history and that is wha
. as you know, i convened this task force to plan for the city's future transportation needs. task force included supervisor chiu, supervisor wiener and supervisor avalos and i want to personally thank each of you for the valuable time you spent with that very large group of people who were thinking through all these needs. i also wanted to thank the co-chair, monique zamuda and gate hahaf, the task force identified more than 10 billion dollars in needs for transportation infrastructure and we've identified some funding but it's going to take everyone in this room to make sure we proerl fund and care for our transportation infrastructure that is vital to providing our residents a system they can rely on today and ao into the faou khu, i look forward to working with each and every one of you to make this happen. also, as the holidays approach, i'd like to remind everybody, it is the season of giving and it's time when we highlight organization that is are so important to our fabric of social safety net for our city, the organizations that support our veterans, our homeless and those most
, they may not be in the city and county of san francisco but maybe going down to santa clara county. >> they've been rewarded with that, but there is a responsibility, absolutely, for center plate to do this but we think that the responsibility goes beyond that because these are jobs that unfortunately are very low wage and it's not only center plate that is ignoring the responsibilities we're focusing on, the giants won two world series in four years and our members have not had a wage increase in four years during that entire time which in our view is quite unconscionable. >> thank you very much. >> thank you, mr. casey, next speaker. >> thank you, mr. president. members of the bore, my name is christopher ball, i live at 1011 howard street, i wanted to bring your attention to -- i thought somebody would get that. the bicycle coalition has offered for your perusal on the website and i want to -- please note that 50 feet is the probable elevation of the whole impact of greenland melting. we can fix this, we know how much coal, oil and gas is burnt and so how much c02 we put into the atmosp
of supervisors would have to agree when you talk about the general offhand that's other city departments they pay for electricity and if the full increase is granted would that be significant. >> it's an opportunity yes. >> what are - >> i wouldn't tell but there are plans for improvements that have to be deferred. >> i'd be interested in knowing what that goes up to it's speculative you know, i could envision a scenario where there's increases in the general funds and that money went everywhere but for street lights. seems like there's been a pretty low prioritization >> yeah. the 389 is not the al all-time low while islam i've been involved it's higher than it has been. >> it's embarrassing supervisor kim. >> i have a couple of of questions i wasn't following the slides on slide lifting i want to clarify the yellow are the pg&e and what's the red. >> the yellow and red are the series loops and the red where the loops where pg&e had programmed in 2012. >> so when there's a breakdown in one part of the loop it's not going to impact the rest of the loop 92? >> when the loop is converte
light and life and light in the city and the lights and the lifestyle. what is your perception of the connection between the two in each finger. why anyone thinks that it's yes i think our own server. those revenues. cp world so that he did concede that the bowman of the cd original building course the two small parts on at the same time. we can go the lights he has become sort of offence that night p and without consciously on being aware of the key tells of the night you could die and ict you know i can eat own we believe that life has a great impact on both our individual level and is about as the society of the next and so on. we hope to. on the awareness of mike tindall and my weekend we have better living and i'm inside them ok and the people would start the program today for example what happened number of very skilled technicians who would try to fix the light in our studio in sydney today you a night when we appear on the hill that they would know that better than we actually are. and the oatmeal the same kind of concept applies in delight and two other you know every
(clapping.) and so to kind of wrap this up we look to replicate this across the city and hope to have a similar impact or even a better one. thank you. (clapping.) >> all right. thank you. thank you. questions thanks so much keith. fantastic. the community heros thank you for everything you do and geronimo we should give a shout out with our new man donny with his new edition to his family >> the coordinator for the department. >> all right. unless there's comments colleagues. that's fantastic. >> that was really good (clapping.) >> therapists fantastic. thanks another thanks to you geronimo. then it if he can move on >> oh, i'm sorry public comment on the item? the heros or. >> seeing now we go to oh, that stupid environment commission people their everywhere. all right. seeing no public comment >> a presentation and up to date of the bayview initiative and daniel the director the neighborhoods city administers office this is an informational presentation and discussion. >> so commissioners we've got a presentation as secretary fish mentioned we're happy to have daniel here
in the city of san francisco so this is fantastic >> it fits about the resiliency combining the storage and in terms of our ability to bounce back after a disaster to great, great program we're talking about and a hurricane sandy was a local solar snauths to help keep the melon and the electricity role help to support people the solar. >> absolutely there's work going on back east it's sporadic designed to have solar to run their emergency need as well as back up power. i think it's a marvelous thing >> comments. >> one thing i want to say is, you know, before we go to public comment. you heard from commissioner josefowitz this is something that's kind of like a pulse trying to figure out how to get it right you start with environmental community and start with that spirit how do you partnership with labor and development heads. so there's a path to do that. i think one of the things to do with this colleagues have couple ideas we're not taking action but this is right before the meeting commissioner josefowitz was even able to provide further elaboration. we've got those roles we're
the schematic design part of the development agreement. the city has secured with mbs a vertical developer a 30 and a half million dollars federal grant. if everything is on track and on schedule for that grant hud is certainly watching and keeping track and the city and county is actively working on. and we can expend those valuable federal dollars so to that end your december 17th meeting you have for consideration the major phase approval and seem tick design and revital ization is a part and a predevelopment loan action and all of these are really critical actions august of 2014 and we can commencing on the vertical for approximately 500 units of which are complete replacement vacant parking lots by january of 2015 we do plan to have a meeting in the community on january 7th provided it works for your schedule and we've secured the facility. and that meeting would start to allow for community attendance at 4 p.m. so you will get more information from staff on that but just to mark your calendars for january 7th we'll do that in the bay view and that concludes my report thank you very much.
focus and we certainly hope the st. city can take over ownership of all the street lights for the repairs >> thank you. >> good afternoon. i'm executive director of liveable city. thank you for having this hearing. when we were working on the better street plan it was missing a piece it says someday we'll add those but it's an embarrassing failure the puc that coincident get it together it's great to hear about the street light policy. the sidewalks need to be lit. until you have standards you're not going to be be able to do the industries. but if the standards don't exist i encourage you to keep puc's feet to the fire so we can have is city sidewalk standards. the other thing you might want to look at the governs of the program. there was an audit when mr. kelly was director and both of those looked at the street light lighting responsibility to the department of public works. it could help because public works has most of the elements and the thing that hangs up is to get a lighting component done it's a different agency. so pg&e i'm public works is much better since
. motion been made and continue 11 to 16 city attorney are we in order all in favor, say i. >> all right. folks we're on 17 this is new business this will be the last item of the night. this is a quick up to this point to go through commissioners or directors talk about the tack a ways. who wants to start. >> well, a couple of rammed items the director's report there was a mention there the america's cup all the steps the people plan and the transportation plan how well, it worked. we've been talking about things in the future to deal with the super bowl and i want to make sure we have a postmortem to benefit future projects. also i heard discussion from the resident here l about problems they face. i think that commissioner king talked about things we can do i'd like to stretch this to see if we can't get accountability from other develops to address needs we've heard about today. future agenda items >> i think this is a great. i remember when we proposed it we want to do a road show i think this is very successful. i think that there are a number of items that i take away indefinitely
monica she's the expert and the city attorney. i don't know if we have to move to accept the amendments into the draft for not necessary city attorney can we defer this this is another document and the last edition to the resolution in your packet we said hey why not bring together the stakeholders, you know, builder and labor and city departments and make this ree really, really successful. we talked about maybe we explored phenomenal the new residential not the new commercial but maybe the existing why not take advantage of the opportunity to do the accelerator so we added that potentially right looking at existing buildings. i don't know if i had to finder all that stuff but maybe save than sorry. i only read those things from the changes for the folks and there's copies. but this will probably change from what we hear from folks. okay sxhois said let's hear from the public >> i'm sorry. carney support 1 hundred and 18 unit in the heights. the rental assistant to address the area of the renovation should be done. we put $4 million in our site but they won't do the solar for us. they
and the opportunity for leadership outside the city on immigrant policy and to you put forward and prioritize the leadership we're actively and engaged in san francisco we've done tremendous work in the area of women's leadership and embattling domestic violence and winning the rights of labor protection for the workers and most recently, the due process law ordinance that the board of supervisors passed and guaranteeing respect for immigrant rights in the judicial and the separation of judicial enforcement at the local level. for me personally, i want to the opportunity. i wanted to continue to serve and learn and would be happy to do so if you're willing to reappoint me >> do you have any questions of ms. coal? seeing none, thank you, ms. coal. phil? >> good afternoon i have a little bit of a cold. first of all, it's a privilege to address you guys and apply for this position. i'm obviously asking you to appoint me to one of the empty seats. i'm an immigrant i think i can bring my experience. secondly for about 6 years i was a union organizer i worked pretty closely with gun points from a
of high-end retail in one of this city's wealthiest districts. what we found today is a lot of people who work in this very wealthy neighborhood, as you might expect, live in a very different world. >> alan joining us from south africa. thank you very much. >>> france said it will start disarming fighters in central african republic. they're voting to send troops to the country to restore stability, today we're hearing about the arrest of a senior rebel commander. >> reporter: if we're hearing from eyewitnesses here in the city that a leader has been arrested by the french, he is a top seleka commander very close to the president here. he was viewed as someone who might take over in it came down to it. he is feared by many in the city. he was interior minister at one point. there is even speculation that he ran a secret prison in the city, and with arrests of those who were loyal to the former president. so big news, and it may potentially have an impact on french operations here at the moment. which they're carrying out, disarming people in the streets of this city basically stopping all
one have stagnated. cities, states, and counties are taking it on themselves to bring their workers to income levels closer to the fiscal realities of these tough times. and it's no easy task. as much debate surrounds the effectiveness of image wage hikes and who really benefits. do these wage controls cost jobs? we'll discuss the issue on this addition of "inside story." but first this background. >> they deserve to live a good life in one of the richest cities in the world. >> reporter: close to 100 people rallied outside washington, d.c. city council chamber as council members inside voted to raise the city's minimum wage to $11.50 an hour. >> congress' failure to act, and congress' failure to take care of those left behind not just from the recession, but as the people who make the most have done better and better, we've become a city of haves and have nots, and a country of haves and have nots. step up and make sure that people have a living wage. >> reporter: with little hope congress will raise the minimum wage t wage. in september california governor jerry brown approved a g
the city accountable for a reputation that won't go away. >> there is no cure for my cancer. >> mike cunningham has multiple myoloma. >> what's the reputation of fire station 5. >> a dump and a place to go get cancer at. >> there's a lot of colder guys that know if you work at that station long enough, there's a good pg chance you're going to come up with cancer. >> rick has gallbladder cancer. >> my life changed. it will never be the same. >> two veteran firefighters. both retired, both now fight narg lives. both spent time working at station 5 and they recognize the fact that firefighters are at a greater risk for cancer. but they want the is i to explore why station 5 has earned the unusual reputation as the cancer station. >> when you work at 5, you can't wait to get out and work at some other station. everyone knows a friend that died of cancer that at some point bourqued at station 5. >> i looked at him and i said your papy is coming home to die. >> she broke that news to her 8-year-old son jonah. her husband died in august of last year. two months after doctored diagnosed him
it and the resulting magnitude of the savings. ask whether this is consistent with the city goal of transit-first? and finally, request that you the board consider our information, as well as the significant public support for our position if we shouldn't rather be instead working together to save the no. 3 jackson and increase ridership? so let me describe our community of 60 square blocks, consisting of portions of pacific and presidio heights, transected by the no. 3 jackson. we are 1500 regular riders getting on and off the no. 3 jackson in this area. we do 4,000 round-trips per week, 650 of these round-trips are within our community. 28% of our ridership is greater than 65 years of age. we have students and staff at nine local schools. we have tourists staying at three local hotels. we feel that it is important for us to all of us to use the no. 3. the level of importance is reflected by the petition and emails that you have received recently. all of us support muni and all of us would like to continue riding the no. 3 jackson. thank you. >> thank you, next speaker. >> anne long.
to deliver to the city. my question is really -- i don't know, this took a long time to get here and i'm glad that we're here and we're going to actually have good meters throughout the city because most of the city now still has coin operated meters and it's really -- it makes it harder for people to pay. i know that when you transition to the credit card meters and the remote reloading meters, you end up increasing meter revenue and decrease ticket revenue and that's a positive thing. people can decide that they're going to park and pay and they know what they're going the pay and they don't have to have sort of the anger that people -- and the surprise that people get when they get hit with the 75 or 90 dollar ticket, so i think this is long overdue, i'm glad that all of the meters, the coin meters as well as the original generation of credit card meters which have some issues are all going to be replaced with new technology. it's going the make it easier for people to park at meters, they're going to be able to quickly pay, they're not going to have to remember to carry quarters with them
to another person. and we know what's down the road. this city and housing authority needs a state and federal compliance officer to be able to go on the sites where the construction is being done and make sure the construction is right and the resident are protected that local hiring and that's something we don't have a compliance office state certified. also, we want to talk about the hardships that tenant in public housing are having. as you know there's a new situation called rad it's dealing with residents and the reenvisioning. thank you you want to come up here and talk. it's role getting rid of low income resident and that's something that we really need to look into you need to be more connected with other agencies in the city because you do take care of people and we're people. thank you >> (clapping) and a sorry if i don't have your card but please. >> yes hi, i'm ms. chan letter and please forgive me i'm not political correct i've been a community activist for thirty years i can go on and on i've been living here for 10 years. i'm really, really discouraged. we've been
own. in the city. it's due. the tree. i would win use. ch. too much. long haul i can get into chemical and moon on the one teaching though. going to play in tn twenty two coaching with i will call me out. she teaches joking. attention. two people to dream to fly to what she wanted cool . don't hold to a deal. also when you are. she teaches simple each with you he says. it was cool fun. the reports and directs him to actually treat since i went to keystone. see you soon she teaches was she. tai ti the film could be withheld he appealed to the goldfields. last weekend with monday off. i love to know what they did not see who'll true local shops the heavy hand of his youthful new tool of choice yes we all chatted and got the whole system people the only option is still sore on his lap while before the assault vehicle that could mean joke on his door to that huge lock folder and suddenly there he said the next year. it's definitely going to sound off about. she teach me cool fun you can see him go. i feel so should you care. leave me a box until she got pt. in the team. our chicago temple
volunteer work. some of us get paid for it, some of us don't and now that you can't park in the city hall lot, even if you are commissioners, then you understand some of that. and my third point is the changing meter regs will not bring more parking. i complained during this committee about otis street there were so many disabled placards that you couldn't park. but when they changed it it was all city trucks and cars that parked there. so i don't think that that will increase parking in spite of your very nice video. there is nothing like that will increase the parking. it will make it harder for people with disabilities. i wanted you to know those things. >> thank you, miss hale. next item, then, consent calendar. >> seeing no other person who wishes to address you on this matter, moving on to the citizen consent calendar. these items are considered routine and will be acted on one vote unless a member of the board or public wishs it severed. item 10.1 j, that item is now only an establishment of a tow-away, no stopping time on mission on 16th -- on mission street on 24th. >> mot
the chinatown, city college is and st. mary's school and the hotel senior center. they have been in operation for a year and that year they had a white zone in front of that facility. they said that in february all of a sudden no parking from 3-6 was posting and they are having problems with that now. they have been in touch with the staff since february, and it seems to be unresolved. can we have somebody look into that? >> we'll have the director to do that. thank you, any other new or unfinished business by the board? seeing none. >> director's report. >> director reiskin. >> good afternoon, board, members of the staff and we'll start with recognizing some of our employees as we do at the first meeting of each month. first, just kind of a follow on, i had mentioned last meeting that we had held our 2013 safe driver award event which is honoring muni operators who have 15 or more years' of safe driving. it's something that we did in collaboration with the transport workers union local 258 and today we wanted to recognize a couple of those operators who are in the 35 plus years of safe d
and have seen changes 0 in the city and a neighborhoods. my work experience during my thirty plus years in the insurance industry i was recognizable to write regulations and navigate the world of insurance regulation and law so doing that as an advisors councilmember is not a problem. when asked why i want to serve on the commission i think it's time to stop grumbling what i see in district 4 and get back to what i love in the city. i've taken care of my mother and grandmother and that provides me a unique experience and understanding of some of the challenges facing adult search and seizures of who both sdrinth 4 and san francisco. as i age myself those challenges are cropping up although i'd like to deny their occurring >> we all do (laughter) and so if i were to the appointed i have the time to prepare for the meeting and to a attend and see no problems with in that area. i've not yet attend meetings but i've spoken to other members of the committee and i'd found it an honor to give back >> any questions. we're joined by supervisor cowen so any questions. seeing none. any public co
where a 50-car wreck outside philadelphia killed a man. near new york city, 20 cars, the collision created a pile of destruction. slippery streets from wisconsin to virginia and all way into new england will make this morning's commute a mess. >> we want to make sure we have a lot of salt so the morning rush hour will be smooth for work and school. >> the storm pushing up the ice coast has been causing havoc for days. football fans in philadelphia were coated in sleet with so much ice on this building in texas that it was falling off in sheets. in tennessee ice coated trees snapped off and some took down power lines. >> they are pretty. it is amazing ice can weigh this much. >> the ice also weighing on planes with airplane grounding more than 2,700 flights on sunday and a thousand canceled today. >> close to starting to begin frustrated. >> frustration will ease with warming temperatures in the south but that dope trees is now moving east. >> this have been a handful of cancellations at sfo and san jose and oakland international because of the weather and there were one to two hour
at this, we just cannot seem to snap out of the cold snap. here is a look of the city that set a chilly record low in the south bay. guess which one? good morning, thanks for joining us. >> we will tell you which one coming up, but, we have coverage of the big chill here and across the country. our meteorologist, mike nicco, will have that story ahead. and we are covering the snowball effect the cold is having but we will start with matt at sfo. we are seeing delays, matt, is that right? >> yes, delays and cancellations. more than 1,700 flights have been canceled across the nation and that number has been rising all morning long. we just checked our local airports. we have 14 departures and 18 arriving flights that have been canceled so for this morning. most of those at sfo. bad weather across the country is keeping people grounded here in the bay area. >> they say everything is bigger in texas and today that includes flight delays and cancellations. dallas is responsible for half of today's canceled flights stranding thousands of people at airports across the nation including here in
within the city and county a to insure the board support we want to certainly authorizes the department to engage the scientific community and members of the public to support those effort and build the strong coalition going forward to make this happen. sxhois >> yes i'll read the proposed changes. right now there is no that only one resolve clause to delete from that clause and to be approved by the board of supervisors that doesn't mean we don't want it it leaves it open to the staff to figure out the best way to do it. we want the other stakeholder and members of the public to support those effort and that be the end of it >> so if there's. >> so unless there's discussion then, i would simply move we agreement the resolution as commission and i had. >> commissioner king any discussion. >> take a vote and a yes first vote on the amendment all l all in favor, say i. and can i get a motion to approve the resolution and moderate to approval the resolution as amended? >> i move the resolution as amended and a moved and seconded. >> all in favor, say i. thank you, everyone (clappin
to get state county and city laws, you need to read the bigger bill. >> he helps little guys deal with this. >> this is an agenda of control for the own pace space. that's why regulators do what they do. >> come on. they are not power freaks. >> i am guessing you haven't dealt with very many bureaucrats. they like rules and they live to enforce rules. >> they are under paid government bunk. i call these regulators little emperors. they justify it by creating regulations. >> even barney is a magician. >> i became a full-time magician. >> can't take it any more. >> he has entertained kids for many years. like many he uses a rabbit. >> they make the rabbit mag story abeer. >> a few years ago. >> i was signing autographs taking pictures. a batch was thrown into the mix and an inspector was saying let me see your license. she said from now on you cannot use your rabbit until you fill out the paperwork pay the $40 license fee. we will have to inspect your home. >> your home? >> i am subject to sur prides inspections on my home. >> she is not embarrassed? >> she is serious. >> he's guilt
center in mission bay originally the city and master developer had don't donated 3 acres. this was land that was going to be developed. ucsf paid a non refundable purchase price. and the original dda allowed ucsf to give first priority to ucsf employees with consideration given to preference hold ers working at ucsf. so in june they basically paid and released property five million dollars and also the commission approved the agreement and amendment that allows us to have the block 7 go directly to the developer for construction of temporary housing for families going through treatment at ucsf and permitted to assign the original block which still exists to the developer for 200 units on the remaining site of block 7 and ucsf has agreed to prepay under the existing dda a. which is tied to construction of the second phase of the hospital. that won't start until otherwise would not be due until 2035 onwards. 2.4 million 20 years early ucsf would be allowed to assign the dda to the developer and that amendmented dda would be 25 percent of the units on the block with the 7 west project
.c., baltimore, right up through i-95 north and west of all of the big cities still below freezing. still a light freezing drizzle out there so there's going to be slippery especially the bridges and overpasses will be the worst. you'll be out there with the ice scraper trying to get the ice off. thankfully light. we won't see any more snow. the problem is even with the ice storm we had down in arkansas, temperatures aren't warming up around the country. i mean we're not melting any of this. look at this cold blast once again that goes from california all the way down to des moines heading to chicago and east coast as we go through your tuesday. again, we'll warm up today and melt a lot of that. up to 44 in new york. that's great but all that cold air comes in as we go throughout the end of this week and it's going to be frigid for a long time. >> kansas city, minus 3. >> yeah, it's going to be frigid for a long time. no signs whatsoever of any warmth up to christmas. >> thank you very much. >>> to twitter. last night i was struck by weather channel's jim cantore tweeting this. "i can't remember
of the important issues brought up by just about everybody, the aging population of this city and lessening parking spaces and i'm here to speak for the j church, that i understand is being considered to be eliminated. i live in an area that is served by j church, which also serves a lot of very steep hills. i live in the particular section of liberty street, where at least i know of three disabled young -- i say young ladies, who would take the j church. they all have crutches. and one of the issues that i just don't quite understand is why we're even thinking about eliminating any of these stops, when i thought that the public transportation's main aim was to public transportation used by just about everybody. i am sure one answer that will come easily to some of you, most of you is that we have got to cut the budget; there is not enough money. well, i think public transportation should be the last item that should be cut. thank you. [ applause ] >> thank you. next speaker, please. [ reading speakers' names ] >> any of those folks here? >> is miss ford here? >> she stepped outside with the
and scarves have become the standard. some bay area cities will hit freezing tonight with another freeze warning issued for the vast majority of the bay area. the bay area isn't the only place getting the win through blast. 27 states are under a winter weather advisory with storm systems from texas to pennsylvania. this is philadelphia. slammed today by blizzard conditions. at least 16 deaths are blamed on the bad weather. the snow is causing treacherous conditions and massive travel delays. more on that in a moment. first, the latest on our cold snap. we have live team coverage. let's check in with weather anchor spencer christian. >> chilly speaking about lou cold it -- how cold it is. clear styes and temperatures will plummet tonight and tomorrow night. we have a freeze warning for all of the bay area except san francisco. temperatures well below freezing, exposed pipes could burst. please bear that in mind. and there's an increased risk of hypothermia. let's look at the three warnings ahead, looking at a live look. tomorrow morning and tuesday morning, overnight and tomorrow morning
of the script in a bow. when the city into the unguarded arabian sea. our students as well as lower costs of the only terrorists both alive. the attack does have the support of august on intelligence agency isi the dax lost it for three days killing one hundred and sixty four people and injuring the gc hundred and eight the oldest least know where we'd just about to call up and executed. we are what give renewed. what do there because christy was iced in although the precise orbit then attacked them again the bank of course and they were good for being somewhat toward the iv and give it did i would have sought to push his word. this request will be assigned as a mark of the vehicle fuel. our cricketers white. nick was either pockets time these two boxes from the isi twenty one did you know you had to force users to the office on diets high in the photo quite adequately. the insight that the week. the agency's of going through physical and the divine did justice to be devoted to the victims. we are still two lists get to john lewis won the western media. coulter book the siege about the at
to continue. i didn't get it, and i wasn't going to do it. >> reverend called on them to love. the city has had flags at half staff. they will remember his life and legacy. visitors can sign a condolence book. >>> after returning from detainment, merrill newman said he was treated well. he was with his family yesterday after landing at sfo. he was in a hotel room and not in a jail. when questions about actions, he said that's not my english. he read a statement in sorrow for killing north koreans. >>> an adventure that saved their lives. >>> after the crash of asiana flight 214 and firefighters in charge. ilt fresh from the breap for just $2 each all december long. subway. eat fresh. customer appreciation month at subway. we're saying thanks with two of your favorite six inch subs. the six-inch cold cut combo, or the six-inch meatball marinara, built fresh from the bread up for just $2 each all december long. subway. eat fresh. >>> early today oakland police came out in force looking for a homicide suspect at west 36th street. officers had their guns drawn. they didn't find any suspects a
cooperatives all over the city. i want to get a better sense of what's going on in san francisco but i want to make sure that low and moderate income folks have jobs in the city and so i want want to make sure we keep those ideas in mind when we're doing anything to support people. i think it's easy as policymakers to elect people on the committee or stuff like that to lose sight of the actual people we're servicing. that about all the different possibility of what is a barrier for them to access employment and i would want to hope to add that into the conversation >> so you think it's not happening right now. >> i think it is i think you can always add more. >> so i'm looking to get a feeling for what exactly tangible you said a wider community voice that's an intangible thing it's also challenging but how about a specific piece of policy or legislation or a goal in the tech industry wild to see an there in latino workings by 50 percent in two years. what exactly are you looking to do i want to know concretely so when you come back for reappointment okay. how do we measure our success?
being honored in cities large and small 1234 absolutely, del, and people here and in nelson mandela square in the rain at 7:00 in south africa, a soggy evening, but it doesn't seem to offend the crowds much. they have been coming here constantly to the many tribute centers set up around the country for nelson mandela. now this is a very ritzy mall. this is really the heart of high-end retail in the city of johannesburg, and it is in one of the richest districts in this country. as we found out today many of the people who work in this neighborhood, as you might expect live in a very different world. mandela square mall, some of the richest retail in south africa. and a short few blocks away a different story. part of the crowd of sidewalk vendors on mod street. they sell what they make seven days a week. on a good day they might make $45. on a bad day less than $300. 3--less than $3, and some days nothing. they live and create their pieces recycling street trash into instant art. they rent in single room at just $100 a month. they're keenly aware of how money flows here. >> when you
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